Let’s Blow This Thing, and Go Home!

The theater remains the best place to watch a film … so long as teens aren’t talking and texting.

Silence is Golden!

I have fallen asleep only once–during Out of Africa. Yes, I realize that it won seven Academy Awards, including an Oscar for Best Picture. But while Redford and Streep were out in Africa, I was out in America.

Zzzzzzzz …

Of course, there are plenty of other films that I should have slept through, and even more that I should have walked out of. Needless to say–like all of you–I’ve watched plenty of bad films in theaters, and I’ve always stayed until the credits began crawling up the screen.

Well, sort of.

About an hour into Star Wars, at the old Winchester Drive-In, my dad and I did what some of you Jedis may find unconscionable: we drove out on Star Wars.

Now before you get your droids in a bunch, the Force must have stayed with us (well, at least me), because shortly after that night, I saw it again and loved it!

Unfortunately, my dad is not the fan you’re looking for.

May the Force be with you. Always.

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