American Graffiti

Just when you thought technology had flushed anonymity out to sea, there is still a venue where privacy exists: the public restroom.

For centuries, public restrooms have been a place to answer the call of duty. But something happened on the way to that meeting in the ladies room.

Latrinalia — better known, outside of literature, as “bathroom graffiti.”

In our age of texting and messaging, this repeated practice (albeit an illegal one) has remained low tech.

Guilty participants: women and men.

Women will likely write about romance. Men (and this came as no surprise) write dirtier and tawdry stuff. Women will be rude; men will make every attempt to be funny.

You can disagree, but the writing is on the wall.

While timeless doodles like, “For a good time call …” still appear, the variety has shifted to things like, “Toy Story 2 was okay” and “Your mom is a nice lady.” And, as you can see, the omnipresent Chuck Norris even has clout between the grout.

Personally, I’ve never jotted anything on a bathroom wall; I don’t see the point of speaking to only an audience of men.

But clearly, many men and women don’t mind sharing what’s on their minds with only one gender — so long as they remain … anonymous.

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