Price of Courage

An unidentified person (apparently he doesn’t have the courage to come forward), paid $3,077,000 for the Cowardly Lion costume worn by Bert Lahr in The Wizard of Oz.

If he only had a brain. Target sells the same Cowardly Lion costume for $49.99!

Okay, before you send in the Flying Monkeys, I realize that they’re not exactly the same. Bert Lahr’s costume is undeniably one of the most famous in cinematic history.

With that type of dough, I’d buy the less famous and much cheaper lion costume worn by Ted Ross in The Wiz. But that’s just me. (You may remember Ross as the affable chauffeur in Arthur — starring the late Dudley Moore.)

Incidentally, the original box office receipts for the movie were about $3,017,000.

The Wizard of Oz and its characters are eternal. That’s a fact.

Millions don the characters’ getups every year — mostly during Halloween. My daughter, Samantha, dressed as Dorothy for a night of trick-or-treating years ago, and was met at the door by not one, but three other Dorothys! Toto, however, was a no-show.

Deservedly, Dorothy — and her ruby slippers — usually receive the lion’s share of attention.

Until yesterday, when someone bought and took the celebrated costume to his den.

And if anonymity is what he prefers, there’s no place like home.

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