Hug Life

I confess: I live that life.

Some folks don’t live it, and that’s fine. Hug Life is not for everyone.

So what side of Hamlet’s soliloquy “To hug; or not to hug?” are you on?

Wait. Before you answer, please read:

WARNING: You may be the person whom your friends and family secretly identify as “The Hugger.” If you are this person, you undoubtedly hug too much, probably hug for too long, or hug in non-hugging situations. That is not “Hug LIfe” it’s Ugh! Life. So get a hold of yourself!

As Kenny Rogers says, “You have to know when to hold ’em.”

For the rest of you, be careful, these huggers are sneaky. Just when you thing you’re out, they pull you back in!

Of course, if you’re publicly identified as “The Hugger,” keep it up. People enjoy and welcome your embraces.


In some cultures hugs are considered extremely intimate, so when it doubt, err on the side of caution.

That said, if someone inexplicably comes to you with open arms, don’t fret, it’s National Hug Day.

So wrap your arms around someone. But if the recipient’s arms remain at his or her sides, LET GO immediately. There is no time to lose! Swiftly, shake it off, shake it off, and move on.

You have until midnight to participate.

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