I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t followed wrestling since Rocky Johnson, a.k.a., Sweet Ebony Diamond, was in the ring. And the only live event I ever witnessed was at the old San Jose Civic Auditorium, which held about 3,000 people.

Yesterday, WrestleMania 31, broke Levi’s Stadium’s record with an announced attendance of 76,976! That’s enough to invite the entire city of Milpitas, and still have 7,000 tickets left over.

The place was electric!

Because of my love for the often over-shadowed sport of “real” wrestling, I assumed that that was the reason it didn’t interest me. But, I know plenty of people — who’ve participated in high school and collegiate wrestling — and STILL love WWE.

A relative referred to WrestleMania as a “bucket-list” item. I’d have to agree. It’s everything a fan could ask for and more: celebrity, theater, good versus evil, music, and explosions that could wake the dead. (Good thing the Undertaker was there.)

While 76,976 fans are great company, the two that mattered most were at my sides. Jada thought everything was pretty cool. And super fan, Samantha, said that she had the greatest time of her life.

Excited fans were everywhere. But none entertained us more than the two young boys sitting behind us. For hours they cheered, screamed, booed, and chanted the ubiquitous: This is awesome!

Yeah, boys, it was pretty awesome.

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