Fight of the Century?

If you’ve read the pre- and post-comments regarding the underwhelming “Fight of the Century,” it’s not difficult to conclude that Mayweather’s fans and foes haven’t left their respective cheering sections.

Mayweather “supporters” aren’t surprised that he made an elite fighter look average. And Mayweather-haters continue to chime in with the same ol’: “Mayweather ran and hugged all night. Yawn.” Yes, he runs, hugs, but ultimately throws more punches and lands them with impeccable accuracy.

Through his own post-fight words, Mayweather says he’s not a slugger or a toe-to-toe fighter. And that’s true. Mayweather is probably THE most skilled defensive counter-puncher in the history of boxing. A master technician inside the ring, which indeed makes some of his fights yawners.

So why did millions of people fork-out $100 to watch him fight? Based on my scanty and unscientific survey, millions of people hate Floyd so much that blowing $100 is worth the risk of hoping and dreaming that Pacquaio would win.

My weightless prediction before the fight was that Floyd would do what Floyd does: win … easily. Does that make me a fan? No. Entering the ring to beat men, and leaving it to beat women, is too serious to ignore.

Cheering for a bad guy has its place in books, movies, and the like. But there is nothing romantic about bad guys in the real world.

Floyd is a rich and successful athlete whose accomplishments are on record. His legacy, however, has yet to be measured against time.

Perhaps the former Pretty Boy Floyd will endure a legacy that’s not too pretty.

Only time will tell.

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