Running sucks.

So why do it? 

Well, because as Ultra-marathon Man, Dan Karnazes, says, “There is magic in misery.”

No, not the Kathy Bates wielding a sledgehammer type of misery. More like the misery you feel when your legs are cursing you for bringing them out … again!

My love affair with distance running began when I was eleven years old. One mile a day; three days a week. Good enough for a 3.0 sticker on the family Pontiac (not really).

Over the years, my weekly mileage increased, and I became a bona fide runner (at least in my own mind). I signed up for 10Ks, then enlisted in a string of biathlons — to remind myself just how slightly above average I was.

Then about ten years ago I decided to motivate myself by running for one person every time I laced-up my shoes. I started with family members, then extended family members, then friends, etc.

Nowadays, choosing the person I run for is arbitrary and unpredictable. Sometimes I’ve run for a person whom I’ve met earlier in the day (like a helpful stranger). Sometimes I’ve run for a person whom I’ve never met (like a friend’s newborn).

With the exception of devoting a week of runs to my late childhood friend, Ricky Lucero, I’ve never run for anyone more than once.

If you’re reading this, chances are I’ve run for you. You’re my motivation.

My purpose: to send good vibes your way. That’s it.

Distance running is tough, and it’s often accompanied by misery. But, as you know, misery loves company. And every time I run, I have someone with me … to combat the misery, and keep me company.

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