That’s Embarrassing!

Ever been embarrassed? Of course you have; it happens to the best of us.

I don’t know what’s worse: being embarrassed, or watching someone who is hugely embarrassed. The latter has definitely made me uncomfortable.

Here are a few that I remember from both vantage points. I’ll start with mine.

1) I leaned in to kiss someone after a date, and BAM! She extended her hand and offered me only friendship. It was a “Wanna get away?” moment to say the least. (I can’t believe I just admitted this.)

2) Telling a friend — about a month after my daughter’s birthday party – how much I disliked a particular gift. His response, “Rigo, we bought her that.”

3) Walking into what I thought was a friend’s house, but instead interrupted a family of Filipinos having dinner. True story. Side note: the dinner looked fabulous!

Then there are those whom I’ve watched.

1) Witnessing my childhood friend, Brenda, lose her bikini bottoms during a failed, but magnificent tumble down a Slip N Slide. “Say no to cra- ….” You know the rest.

2) Watching my dad reintroduce himself to the same family he introduced himself to 45 minutes prior. “Uh … Dad, these are the same people.” Spaghetti Factory, Seattle, Washington.

3) Watching an uncoordinated and spirited chola tryout for our high school’s cheerleading team. She didn‘t make the squad, and was a Lil upset. Back to the barrio.

Have a great weekend, everyone! And don’t do anything embarrassing.

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