I was going to blog about Back to the Future Day, but I figured your timelines were flooded with memes, and the like.

I decided to write about singing. You know, the type of singing we do when nobody is watching or can hear us. We’ve ALL experienced having to stop singing our favorite songs because of a red light. Those pesky drivers next to us are always in our beeswax! 

(I know that some of you WILL keep singing regardless of the car next to you – especially if it’s Jermaine Stewart’s “We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time.” I applaud you for that!)

When I was 16 years old, I used to sing — as I made my way home from school — at the bus stop in front of the train station (by the San Jose Arena/Shark Tank). Two songs topped the list: Larry Graham’s “One in a Million” and Luther’s “If This World Were Mine.” I realize that my younger generation Facebook friends either don’t know who Larry Graham or Luther are, or don’t care. To them, allow me to say that they’ve added more to music than anyone you’re listening to on pop radio today.

As bad as I may sound, I don’t stop singing. Like many of you, I sing in the shower, car, while I’m doing yard-work, walking around the house (whether my family is home or not), and even while I’m pouring my coffee at 7-eleven (although it’s mostly humming when I’m doing that).

Singing is therapy for the soul. Even if it’s R&B: Really Bad. You may not be pitch perfect, or look like D’Angelo, but at least you know how it does feel.

Someone once told me that if we don’t talk to ourselves, we will go insane. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but if you’re going to talk to yourselves, you might as well sing.

For whatever reason, I sing Frank Sinatra songs in the shower, R&B when I’m walking around the house, and rap in my car. I don’t really know why, but if Sigmund Freud were alive, he’d probably have an answer.

My message to y’all in Facebookland: Sing until your hearts are content. Because even if you’re alone, at least God is listening … and who can ask for more than that?

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