First Born

Twenty one years ago I took the longest walk of my life — carrying with me a baby girl whom I could not take my eyes off of. (Back then, hospitals allowed you to carry a newborn to the maternity ward.) Heel. Toe. Heel. Toe. Heel. Toe. Don’t slip. Don’t fall — is all I can remember thinking with every step.

While I had chosen names for both genders, I expected to be a father to a girl. I was right.

Fatherhood and Samantha arrived in tandem at 10:22 p.m. on December 10, 1994.

Whenever I talk to friends or family members who are expecting their first child, I say two things: You’ll never love any person more than your child, and you’ll realize pretty quickly how much your parents love you.

My love today is divided equally between Samantha, Jada, and Atticus. They are as unique as children come, and have fulfilled my life more than I can describe.

Children lean on parents for a variety of reasons. And we are always there for them. What they may not know — especially when they’re very young — is that we also lean on them — for love, for comfort, for support.

Happy Birthday to my first born — whose tiny shoulders I often leaned on.

Dad loves you.

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