When I think of Easter I think of all of the great times I had at my godparents’ ranch in Gilroy. The adults — my aunts and uncles — always ensured that Easter, and every holiday for that matter, was a sensational and memorable experience for us kids/cousins.

We had potato sack races, contest-games, piñatas, and of course, a huge egg hunt. Like my cousins, I frantically looked for the plastic eggs that contained cold-hard cash! The big prize: $10.

Following the games, and after eating more in one sitting than I had eaten in the previous two days combined, I usually followed my cousins to the adjacent creek — where we took turns swinging on a huge rope over the dry creek bed below. It’s amazing that no one ever got hurt.

While we were outside testing the laws of physics, the adults were inside having just as much fun — talking, laughing, and learning.

In the evening, we didn’t sit in another room and stare at phones, we sat at the table with our parents, aunts, and uncles and listened to them build upon their library of extraordinary conversations. Simply listening to them was an education in and of itself.

I don’t miss those days, I rejoice in the memories of them. And most of all, I am thankful for the exceptional example set by my relatives — especially those set by my grandparents.

May you all have a phenomenal day filled with love, laughter, and prayer.

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