Joker! Joker! Joker!

With the exception of watching Jeopardy once in a while, I don’t tune into too many game shows.

When I was kid, there was nothing like watching Truth or Consequences; The $25,000 Pyramid; Press Your Luck; and everything in between. And while I respect and admire today’s hosts, they just don’t compare to Monty Hall, Bob Barker, Jack Barry, Richard Dawson, and the incomparable, Dick Clark.

I also loved the old contestants. They were colorful, wacky, and either as sharp as a tack, or dumber than the goat behind Curtain #3.

I always rooted for contestants to win on The Joker’s Wild. Conversely, I rooted against contestants on Let’s Make a Deal because they always got greedy! If you’re given a great prize, why in the world would you risk winning a live donkey behind a curtain?!

The Family Feud was another favorite, but as we all know, you don’t have to tune into a game show to see one of those.

Name That Tune is a game that I still cannot wrap my head around. How in the world did people name songs in two or three notes! It takes me at least 47.

I used to think that because of today’s reality TV culture, perhaps the only way to capture an audience is to make game shows a little more outrageous. Of course, once I saw Japanese game shows, I realized that America ain’t ready for outrageous! If you need proof, Google: Two Girls; One Cockroach.

And speaking of cockroaches, they may ultimately outlive game shows (and all of us), but for now, they’re having a heck of a time in Japan.

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