KISS and Say Goodbye

Before I hit double-digits, the hottest ticket in town was the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. At the time, I expected that the summer fair experience would last a lifetime. Alas, only the memories survived.

Gone are the long lines of couples, teens, and hair-bears, waiting to take black and white portraits.

Gone are the oversized and worthless plush animals.

Gone are the rickety rides–seemingly on the verge of collapse!

And gone are the days when face painting was a real form of expression! Unlike kids today, who prefer superheroes and princesses (my own child notwithstanding), fairground kids during my childhood wanted to look like Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley from the band KISS.

The most nostalgic and missed event of them all: the B-list concerts! Sammy Davis, Jr., Smokey Robinson, and the Stray Cats, to name a few.

What used to last three weeks, and entertain generations, is now a passé and dismal four days.

Sadly, the most famous arch in town, is the only reminder of the good ol’ days!

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