My nine-year-old recently told me that her teacher has the year 2040 mounted on the wall in the classroom as a reminder that one of them CAN be President someday.

My fifth grade classroom had no future year on the wall.

We did have photos of each President above our chalkboard. I sat at the left-front of our classroom–near the first three: Washington, Adams, and Jefferson. Washington appeared tired; Adams chunky; and Jefferson looked like a Hollywood leading man … at least to me.

With the exception of Lincoln and Kennedy, I didn’t focus too much on the others. After all, some looked really uptight! And all were looking away; their eyes didn’t follow you around the room (like Jesus’s eyes did in my grandma’s house).

Today we have a black President, and a woman may follow. As an AMERICAN, I’m pretty proud of that.

So here’s to 2040! May your kids and mine fill the time between now and then with continued success!

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