Spaghetti Ready

If you were a ‘70’s kid like I was, chances are that you had at least one poster in your room. I had several — from the classic Farrah Fawcett bikini poster, to Magic Johnson, to the “He’s the DJ, I’m the rapper” poster of the Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff.

One of the reasons I enjoyed going to the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds every summer was to get posters. I wasn’t interested in the over-sized plush, OR in the twisted and elongated Coca Cola bottles that you’d fill with various colors of sand, OR in the black and white cholo photos everyone was taking in a portable booth (y’all know who you are), OR in corn dogs … take that back, I did love me some corn dogs! But what I really wanted were posters. While black-light posters were in vogue, they didn’t appeal to me. I opted for the sexy, funny, and band posters that needed only a Thomas Edison standard-issue to light them up.

The kid you see here is on a poster that my brother put up in his room 40+ years ago. When he called me in to see it, we laughed our heads off! The last time he and I laughed that hard was when we saw the Pillsbury Doughboy commercials for the very first time. (The index finger poke to the stomach — and the giggle — used to kill us!)

What’s so amazing today is that you can Google that giggle, and watch the old commercial over and over again.

Until my sister-in-law posted a picture of her beautiful daughter, Kennedy, decimating her spaghetti dinner tonight, I hadn’t thought about this poster. Once I saw her post, and the spaghetti all over Kennedy’s face, I Googled “spaghetti bowl kid,” and before I could say “Buon Apetito,” the image from my brother’s poster appeared on my screen. It’s been years since I laid eyes on that kid and that pasta. Today, he must be forty years old (at least)!

While I prefer lasagna when I’m out with my family at Maggiano’s or — at the Bay Area’s finest Italian food restaurant, Fiorillo’s, in Santa Clara, spaghetti is always an easy and extremely delectable dinner to make at home. My sister-in-law’s daughter, Kennedy, proves that it’s still a home favorite.

I don’t know what the Kennedys ate for dinner tonight in Martha’s Vineyard or in the Hamptons, but my niece, Kennedy, had spaghetti at home in San Jose, and from the looks of it, she enjoyed it just as much as the kid in this poster.

Well, almost.

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