Somewhere In Greenfield

My brother, Joseph Chacon, lives on the island of Pico in the Azores.

Earlier today he posted a picture I had neither seen nor expected: a photo of his biological father, Joseph Cano, and our mother, Irene Chacon.

He began with these words: I just wanted to say something that’s on my mind.

He then went on to share that he had met this man only once, and that he believed he had a kind heart–despite what some people may have thought. He revealed more, but the point of his post was that his father–who died of cancer some years ago–was not buried with dignity. Left to rest in an unmarked grave in Greenfield, California.

Efforts to find him have failed.

Before our longtime friends exercise conjecture, allow me to share our family calculus: Rigo and Irene Chacon raised us, and they are our parents. My brother will agree.

This is not about them.

It is about a son, my brother, who wants to give the person who helped give him life, an eternal, honorable, and identifiable place on earth that family can visit.

This is his mission the next time he comes to California.

I love you, Joey.

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